Shaun Ryan by Clark Fairfield

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Hello, my name is Shaun Ryan (fka Shaun Horner). I'm a NASM Certified Personal Trainer who has trained numerous celebrities for upcoming roles, photo-shoots and red carpet events. I love training people that are as dedicated as I am to getting the most out of our time together. I focus specifically on getting clients lean, toned & balanced.I believe that training should focus on long-term holistic health.

My fitness philosophy incorporates:
I. a combination of high intensity muscular training
II. central nervous system training
III. cardio efficiency & Interval training
IV. balanced nutrition, healthy eating habits & holistic supplementation

I've trained some of the best bodies in Hollywood; if you're looking to breakthrough to your best body I'd be happy to help you on your quest.

"Having lived in LA for 11 years, I have trained at a lot of gyms and with a wide range of trainers. Shaun's attention to detail and high-intensity training methods have really taken my body to the next level." Jesse Metcalfe, Actor

"Ouch." Lauren Conrad

"I just got my British bum kicked by Shaun!" Rebecca Mader, Actress


HardBody Personal Training is pleased to work with the Mesothelioma Community Resource Network, a compilation of resources dedicated to spreading awareness around mesothelioma