Shaun Horner

Shaun Ryan (fka Shaun Horner) is a Certified Personal Trainer who has trained numerous well-known celebrities for upcoming roles, photo-shoots and red carpet events. He focuses specifically on getting clients in very lean and highly toned shape and believes that training should focus on long-term holistic health.

His fitness philosophy incorporates:
*a combination of high intensity muscular training
*central nervous system training
*cardiovascular efficiency
*balanced nutrition, proper eating habits & supplementation

A highly sought-after personal trainer, Shaun has trained some of the best bodies in Hollywood and is the go-to trainer for people looking to "get ripped".

"Having lived in LA for 11 years, I have trained at a lot of gyms and with a wide range of trainers. Shaun's attention to detail and high-intensity training methods have really taken my body to the next level." -Jesse Metcalfe, Actor

"Ouch" -Lauren Conrad, Personality

"I just got my British bum kicked by Shaun Horner!" -Rebecca Mader, Actress


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